Educated Appliances
┣ now or never
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Aigis felt a nervous shiver run through her body. Her heart, something she hadn't paused to focus on, was actually racing, pounding in her chest. Minato and her had come to this place, perhaps because they were tired, but now-- He said he could teach her to do the things humans did when they loved one another. He didn't know her yet, but her loyalty and adoration had clearly swayed him a little. But really, it wasn't about her-- it was about Minato-san, making him happy, pleasing him, and she could think of nothing more enticing.

"Whatever Minato-san knows, I will learn."

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But she loves him so much. Bright red at the advance, her eyes flutter closed. She loosens her grip on him, tilting her head up to press her lips to his.

They were soft, a soft and warm and kind of damp feeling she'd never felt before, and it was nice. Comforting and reassuring. Minato was here, Minato was able to show her this with the body she had always desired...

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