Educated Appliances
┣ now or never
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Aigis felt a nervous shiver run through her body. Her heart, something she hadn't paused to focus on, was actually racing, pounding in her chest. Minato and her had come to this place, perhaps because they were tired, but now-- He said he could teach her to do the things humans did when they loved one another. He didn't know her yet, but her loyalty and adoration had clearly swayed him a little. But really, it wasn't about her-- it was about Minato-san, making him happy, pleasing him, and she could think of nothing more enticing.

"Whatever Minato-san knows, I will learn."

She was a mess, and couldn't even notice anything but his tender licks and touches. She gripped his hand on hers, sighing happily.

She certainly possessed a lot more stamina than him if she was still going; he focuses on the task at hand, squeezing her hand reassuringly, pulling back slightly to run his tongue around the edges.

She was approaching the edge-- not that she realized it.

"Something is... building up inside of me, Minato-san-- hah...!"

"That's normal." he murmurs, in between kisses and licks, keeping steady pressure with his thumb. His hand squeezes hers again; if he could smile, he would. "Just let it happen."

"Al... right..." Her breath hitches as he continues, and she's so-- so--

"Minato-san! Hahhhnnn...!!"

Her head tips back, a desperate noise of lust escaping her as she felt the most wonderful sense of pleasure and relief wash over her body, hips and back arching, toes curling.

"H-Hahh... hahh...." Aigis slumped back on the bed, body racked with shivers as her fingers stroked his hair in pure bliss. "I... I love you..."

Her first orgasm; quite the sensation. He waits until she's finished, pulling back his tongue - geez, it felt sore now - and shifting up to rest beside her. A kiss to that hand he's still holding and he rolls over to lay on his back next to her.

He can see why the other Minato would love you.

She loves you so much she could crush you in a hug right now, but resists. Don't mind her laying with eyes closed as her body comes down from that incredible high. Skirt falling back down in place, she curls up against him,wiping her face on the sheets for a moment and hugging herself to him. Minato was all hers, and she loved him so much that she would never be able to stop.

His arms go around her as well, hugging back; there was a lot he didn't know about the history they'd share, but right now, it didn't really matter. A lot of guys would kill to be laying in a bed like this with a girl like this who loved them so passionately. He kisses her forehead before laying back with a sigh of contentment.

In a whisper, she says against his chest, "Will Minato-san teach me more whenever he feels like it?"

She wanted to take him places, be with him, know him.

"Of course." he mumbles back sleepily, hands reassuring and solid on her back. "Whenever you want."

Sleepiness felt different from just powering down. she felt that warm presence, she soft sheets, the satisfaction of everything. She snuggled closer to him, nodding with her eyes closed.


He's nearly asleep already, tired out from the intensity of it all; he lacks other Minato's fitness from traversing Tartarus, after all.

"I'd like to..." A long yawn, interrupting his words. "Take you out properly next time, though."


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