Educated Appliances
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Aigis felt a nervous shiver run through her body. Her heart, something she hadn't paused to focus on, was actually racing, pounding in her chest. Minato and her had come to this place, perhaps because they were tired, but now-- He said he could teach her to do the things humans did when they loved one another. He didn't know her yet, but her loyalty and adoration had clearly swayed him a little. But really, it wasn't about her-- it was about Minato-san, making him happy, pleasing him, and she could think of nothing more enticing.

"Whatever Minato-san knows, I will learn."

He sits up enough to tug his shirt and jacket off properly, discarding them to the side; his forehead rests against hers as he sets his mp3 player on the bedside table with much more care, leaving them both topless. A moment's hesitation passes before he gently takes her breasts in his hands, massaging them. This was definitely not a robot, alright.

"Hah!" The blond feels a static run through her body that she's never felt before. A pleasurable sensation rushing through her at the touch of the boy she loves so dearly. "Minato-san..."

She melted into his hands, eyes fluttering closed.

That was a greater reaction than he was expecting; he blinks a few times, hands stilling. Had he...was she just sensitive? He keeps his hands on her chest, looking at her.


Oh, of course he'd be a little surprised at such a reaction. She shakes her head, smiling at him.

"I have... never felt that before. It feels good."

"Oh." he says. Another tiny smile quirks at his lips as he sits up a little, continuing the gentle massage. Fair enough, if she had been a robot before.

He cranes his neck forward to press kisses down from her collarbone to her chest, taking one breast in his mouth as he steadies her by the hip.

She makes soft noises, little gaspsslipping forwards so he could relax on the bed as he took her breast against his lip. Her mouth was half-open, eyes shut as she took in the feel of it. "Mmm.." She could have purred, but she was so surprised by it all that she just had to take it in second by second. "I love you, Minato-san..."

He glances upwards at that, his lips still laying light kisses on her creamy skin. He barely knew her, so he could hardly say the same, but he needed to do something to show that he still cared. So he turns his head up, kissing her again, pulling her flush against him, mumbling her name in her ear.

Her breath was becoming more of a loose panting, slim hands tangling in his hair. She moved to lay down on the bed, smiling warmly at him.

"Could Minato-san be in charge?"

In charge...she really did trust him that much. He returns the smile, nodding as he got up, kneeling in front of her as his hands move to pause at the button on his pants. The arousal is clearly there after all of this, but. But.

"...are you really sure, Aigis? I won't mind if you want to stop."

She shook her head. "I will see it through to the very end, alongside you."

...he could see what his other self saw in this girl. He leans in for another kiss before unbuttoning and tugging down his trousers, discarding them to the side as well. The bulge is clearly evident through his underwear, a pair of plain cotton boxers, and he hesitates a moment before removing them as well.

And then, as the kiss broke away, her eyes opened to see that and she made a small noise of surprise. "This is... Minato-san's...?"

Shifting so he was sitting back on the bed, she... reached out and poked it slightly.

Okay, maybe she was more inexperienced than she'd thought...

N-nod. This was getting much more intimate now, him sitting there naked and her in only her skirt. There's a slight hitch of breath as she pokes it, but he's otherwise as unphased as ever.

She crawls closer, wondering what she should do... the person in the video had... Yes, that seemed to fit.

"I... hope I do this correctly..." she said quietly, eyes half-lidded as her lips parted and her tongue slipped out to lick at the tip, realizing that she was being given the chance to taste Minato's body-- this was his taste... She liked it. She licked at him again, harder, more eager.

And that definitely causes a reaction; he almost flinches, lips parting to let out a small noise. This was definitely beyond what he'd experienced before; other Minatos might have done more before they came to Iwatodai, but he'd never done more than heavy petting.



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