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Aigis felt a nervous shiver run through her body. Her heart, something she hadn't paused to focus on, was actually racing, pounding in her chest. Minato and her had come to this place, perhaps because they were tired, but now-- He said he could teach her to do the things humans did when they loved one another. He didn't know her yet, but her loyalty and adoration had clearly swayed him a little. But really, it wasn't about her-- it was about Minato-san, making him happy, pleasing him, and she could think of nothing more enticing.

"Whatever Minato-san knows, I will learn."


"Hey." he says, fingers moving down to wipe them away from her cheek. "Don't push yourself, alright?"

Her pace, like he said, but he didn't want her to be hurt. He's fully hard by this point, and if this was her first time...only the fact that it feels really, really good makes him hesitate.

Just from her gag reflex-- she stops trying to take him deeper, compensating by really sucking on it, eyes closed as she slides her lips up and down his length, blinking each it pokes out against her cheek (which probably just looks really sexy to Minato). "Mm, mmm.." really does. The sudden intensity causes a choked sound to escape from him, fingers tightening for a moment in her hair as he falls back heavily on his elbows.

"Ah...A-Aigis..." he groans. It's plain to see that you're really doing it right.

"Mibato-sab--" She says in a muffled voice, continuing with everything and sensing that something is building up-- something important, and his hand in her hair, the feel of each twitch inside her mouth... "mm,mmm, mmm!"


His eyes widen and his hips arch as the pressure swells up within him and he climaxes, fingers bunching sheets under his hands. He attempts to pull back, not to come in her mouth, but he can't seem to move that much as he rides the orgasm out.

"--!!" She makes a surprised sound, feeling the hot essence hit the roof of her mouth, slipping it out and as it spurts across her lips, making a slight face of lust at the warm feeling covering her in that moment.

"... ahh..."

She feels it on her tongue, sucking it all back and slowly swallowing it, eyes closed. She coughs once, and looks up at him peacefully.

"... that was good...?" She doesn't seem to consider the whiteness dripping from her lips as she speaks, just overjoyed she could please him.

He needs a moment to get his breath back, panting slightly behind that curtain of hair. He manages a nod, looking down at her with his seed across her lips, even swallowing it...youthful vivacity flushes him with arousal again, even as he's softening.

> "It was amazing."
> "It was okay."
> Get dressed and leave

She feels overjoyed, slipping up to him (though not as much bonecrushing).

"I'm so happy..."

Hugged again. There's no hesitation this time as he hugs her back, head resting against her shoulder. This girl was really something. He gives a light kiss to her shoulder.

"Maybe... I taught Minato-san something."

She found that kind of funny.

"You did."

He tilts his head up to look at her again, smiling quietly. Again, he didn't want this to end, but it wasn't fair that he should have all the enjoyment.

"I the same for you, if you wanted."

"Oh, Minato-san doesn't... have to..." She had by this point forgotten what a mess she was as she stared at her lap. She felt that strange hunger-- something entirely new, a new kind of need.

"If he wants to..."

"It's not fair that you should do that and I don't do anything." he states, raising a hand up to wipe at her lips. A pause, then a light kiss on the lips, unheeding the seed still there as he waits for her answer.

A small noise as he kissed her when she was in a state like that-- She shook her head, pulling away and then scooted over on the bed, nodding with a blush. "Alright..."

An affirmative nod as Minato laid down, hands hiking up her skirt. He hadn't done this before either, but he knew what basically went on; he looks up at her calmly as he rubs slowly at her thigh with his free hand, preparing himself.

Shivering with nervous anticipation, Aigis feels his gentle hand on her thigh and lays back on the bed, eyes closed. "M-Minato-san.."

"It's alright." he says, quietly. "Just relax."

Forward - seemed she didn't bother with underwear, either - and he applies his tongue to her, licking carefully.

Her body seized up (oh oh oh this is much different than the other feelings this is relief) and she planted both hands in his hair, sitting up suddenly as he did that. "A-Ah...!"


Hardly needed asking, but he did anyway, eyes cast upwards as he makes long, slow strokes with his tongue. The clenching of his hair was almost painful, but nothing to complain about, Minato simply continuing on.

She nodded fervently, eyes shut tight as he ran his tongue along her. "Y... es..."

He could feel himself slowly grow hard again as he did this, her scent wafting into his nostrils as he pushed closer. Deeper would be better, probably, and he closes his eyes to focus on the movement of his tongue. It was an odd taste, but not bad, something he'd get used to as he licked and sucked.

A brand new body assured that she was clean, smooth, and relatively fresh. This felt strange, to her, but so ... what did she call it?

"It is an unusual feeling... I cannot describe it..."

"It's pleasure."

He hopes, anyway. The hand releases her skirt, trails down her stomach; the clitoris was around here, right? He finds something that seems right and runs his thumb over it, experimenting as his mouth worked away.

"That... makes sensaaahhh!"

She let out a long moan at the stimulation, scared and excited by all these new feelings. "I like it... I like all of it..."


His mouth is otherwise occupied, so he offers his free hand up for her to hold, the other rubbing across her clitoris as he probed deeper with her tongue. Aigis...his judgement was getting cloudier, his erection swollen to fullness again, pressed up against his stomach.


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